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Meet the dan experts – conferences in 2019

In 2019, the dan pearlman Group and our experts will participate at many different trade fairs, congresses & events all over the word. The speeches of our colleagues provide insights into current trends and developments as well as into the group’s activities such as new projects and concepts. Don’t miss the chance to meet them at one of our dan dates!


15.01.2019 Detmolder Schule für Architektur und Innenarchitektur in Dortmund
Speech by Nicole Srock.Stanley about “The Evolution of Experiential Shopping“

16.01.2019 Panorama Berlin
Speech and discussion with Nicole Srock.Stanley about “Cross Realities: Wie digital und analog verschmelzen”

22.01.2019 Factory Berlin 
Panel with Nicole Srock.Stanley about “Agile Spaces = Agile Minds, on the red couch with Rudolph Pütz”

31.01.2019 Deutscher Handelsimmobilienkongress in Berlin 
Speech by Volker Katschinski & Jens-Peter Klatt, vice president of Mister Spex, about “E-Commerce and retail experience – The discovery of store space”


01.02.2019 Toy Business Forum in Nürnberg
Speech by Karen Klessinger about “Was, wo und wie sucht der Kunde im digitalen Zeitalter”

08.02.2019 Ambiente Academy in Frankfurt
Speech by Karen Klessinger about „More experience per square metre“


07.03.2019 Xing – New Work Experience in Hamburg
Participation of Nicole Srock.Stanley and Nicole Gietz

08.03.2018 Shop Shift – Trend Lab beim Travel Festival in Berlin
Speech by Nicole Srock.Stanley about “New Leisure: Trends in Retail und Leisure Industry” 


03.04.2019 Stadtmanufaktur – Die Stadt als Bühne in München
Speech by Nicole Srock.Stanley about “Smart Cities – Stadt als Erlebnisraum”

04.04.2019 “Innovation Day: Smart Companies – agile, creative & meaningful“ in Vienna
Speech by Nicole Srock.Stanley about “Zukunft der Arbeitswelten”

10.-11.04.2019 DACHMARKENFORUM x vitra. in Weil am Rhein
Speech by Nicole Srock.Stanley and Bernard Bettenhäuser about Cross Realities”

12.04.2019 SCC Swiss Council Conference in Zürich
Speech by Nicole Srock.Stanley about “Shopping Experience”


14.-15.05.2019 Deutsches Shoppingcenter Forum in Düsseldorf
Speech by Karen Klessinger about „Destination Profiling“

21.05.2019 Interzum in Köln
Speech by Volker Katschinski about “Online goes Offline – Retail Experiences“

22.-24.05.2019 Zoo Design Conference in Worclaw, Poland
Speech by Kieran Stanley about “Experiencing Conversation”


04.-06.10.2019 Zoo Design Seminar in Karlsruhe
Speech by Kieran Stanley about “New Leisure”