Kieran Stanley EXPERT

“We build stories.”

Kieran Stanley, born in 1969, is co-founder of the dan pearlman group and CEO of the architectural firm dan pearlman Experience Architecture. The dan pearlman group is a Berlin-based group of owner-managed creative agencies with about 120 international and interdisciplinary employees, which was founded in 1999. Early on he discovered his passion for architecture and landscape architecture in the leisure segment. In the 1990s, soon after completing his architectural studies at Trinity College in Dublin, he was involved in realising several immersive environments at the Erlebnis-Zoo Hannover and began specialising in zoo design. Kieran Stanley quickly realised the projects were not about architecture first and foremost, but about developing a comprehensive understanding of the zoo, its cultural and historical background and its zoological, educational and operational objectives. Story building has become a strong and distinguishing feature of his internationally renowned architectural office. For Kieran Stanley and his team, experiences are the main focus – whether it’s a matter of explaining why penguins live in the Canadian town of Yukon Bay or what makes the island world of Southeast Asia so special.

Not only at the zoo, but also in other leisure segments such as wellness, hospitality and gastronomy, or exhibition and retail, his goal is to create inspiring, one-of-a-kind locations.
As a consultant, Kieran Stanley speaks at conferences and universities about zoo and leisure architecture, story building and transforming leisure destinations into brands. He is a member of the Berlin Chamber of Architects as well as several zoo and leisure associations. Kieran Stanley has also served on multiple occasions as a member of the selection committee for the German EXPO Pavilion.