Kieran Stanley EXPERT

“We build stories.”

Kieran Stanley, born in 1969, is originally from Cork, Ireland, and now lives in Berlin where he plans and designs zoos and leisure parks worldwide. In the 1994, soon after completing his architectural studies in Trinity College Dublin, he travelled to Hannover in Germany, where he started working with an Architectural practice which had been commissioned to develop the masterplan for the Hannover Zoo. This masterplan approach became a milestone in the development of zoos in Europe. At this time, he was principle designer throughout all of the major projects from 1994 through to 1999, when he established the dan pearlman Group in Berlin with his wife, Nicole Srock.Stanley, and two further partners.

The dan pearlman group is a Berlin-based group of owner-managed creative agencies that has grown to over 120 international and interdisciplinary employees over the course of the last two decades. During this time Kieran Stanley had the opportunity to work with some of the most relevant brands in the world, developing a strong focus on the international leisure industry, specifically on the visitor experience.

With the claim “We turn brands into experiences and experiences into brands.” It was possible to summarize what the value dan pearlman can offer beyond the ordinary.

As CEO and Creative Director of dan pearlman Experience Architecture, he leads the area of Leisure destinations, developing sustainable projects in the areas of Parks and Resorts, Educational Attractions as well as Zoos and Aquariums.

Kieran Stanley is a member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA), the IAAPA, the German Leisure Park Association (VDFU e.V.), European Waterparks Association (EWA) as well as the Berlin Chamber of Architecture and is a sought-after speaker at universities and international conferences.​

Some of the major completed milestone projects to his credit are: BMW Welt Brand Experience in Munich, Masterplan of Hanover Zoo, Masterplan of Berlin Zoo and Tierpark, “Yukon Bay” at Hanover Zoo, “Lost Valley” at Everland Resort, “Islands” at Chester Zoo, “Panda Paradise” at Everland Resort, the “Panda Garden” as well as the upcoming iconic “Rhino Pagoda” Project in Berlin Zoo due to open 2023.