Karen Klessinger EXPERT

„Brand Perception is the Orchestration of fascinating & personal moments.“

Karen Klessinger is an expert for destination development at the Berlin based dan pearlman Group, a collection of owner-led, strategic creative agencies boasting over 120 employees. Karen’s expertise is focused on mixed-use projects, district development and placemaking. Already since 2000, she has been responsible as creative director for brand experiences, retail concepts and worlds of leisure for clients such as BMW / MINI, Bikini Berlin, Google and Zoo Berlin. Her work mirrors the interdisciplinary approach of the agency group. There, her focus lies on the co-creative development of urban destinations in collaboration with project developers, operators, cities and municipalities. Karen Klessinger is actively engaged in creating and securing the future of inner cities, which for her will be shaped by a holistic mix and a new quality of intermediate spaces. In her opinion, real identity and what she describes as “happy places” can only be created through human-focused concepts. The work of the certified architect and service designer has received numerous awards, including the German Design Prize in Gold. Karen Klessinger is also a member and part of the jury of the Art Directors Club, ADC.

01.02.2019 Toy Business Forum in Nuremberg
08.02.2019 Ambiente Academy in Frankfurt
14.-15.05.2019 Deutsches Shopping Center Forum in Düsseldorf
05.11.2019 4. German ErlebnisWelten Forum 2019 in Munich
30.01.2020 Bürgenstock Hotels & Resort in Obbürgen
25.06.2020 Tage der Expansion (Expansion Days) in Seeheim-Jugendheim