Spreewelten Waterpark NEWS

Reopening Spreeweltenbad Lübbenau

After eight months of planning and a detailed conception to the last tile, Spreeweltenbad Lübbenau celebrated its reopening together with 400 invited guests on 26 November 2018. On 1 December 2018, the twelve-million-euro project will open its doors for visitors.

In the framework of this event, Klaus Batz from the European Waterpark Association (EWA), the umbrella organization of public bath operators, praised the “thematization which was integrated with finesse” and highlighted the “quantum leap” that the new Spreeweltenbad represents. Now it belongs to “the peak of European bath industry”, the CEO of the EWA declared. Brandenburg’s minister for infrastructure and regional planning, Katrin Schneider, highlighted the relevance of the bath for the touristic infrastructure. Kieran Stanley, CEO of dan pearlman experience architecture, described the political engagement as well as the contribution from the city Lübbenau as “exceptional”. He emphasized that he rarely experienced such passionate commitment towards a government-funded destination project.

The impulse for the cooperation between the Spreeweltenbad and dan pearlman resulted from a speech about “emotionalising worlds of experience” by Kieran Stanley held in 2013 at the European Waterpark Association. He recommended to define unique rooms as destinations where encounters and experiences are made and curiousity is able to unfold. With this statement, he convinced Axel Kopsch, director of the Spreeweltenbad Lübbenau, as well as Steven Schwerdtner as the leading marketing manager of the bath. A master plan became the fundament for holistic reconstruction measures. dan pearlman supervised the implementation until its final completion. Our special thanks goes to the entire Spreewelten team, who realised this project with a lot of lifeblood and ambition.

Find more information on the official website of Spreeweltenbad Lübbenau.
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