Retail Design International Publication

Retail Design International, Vol. 3

The increasing trend towards digitization is fueling the creativity in the retail business: Hybrid spaces arise, which communicate with the customers on all levels – online, offline and on site. The third edition of Retail Design International presents these most recent developments in worldwide retail design. In addition to innovative store concepts, the publication introduces several experts working in interdisciplinary teams and innovative reference projects.

Three projects of the dan pearlman Group were selected for the new edition of Retail Design International, meaning that these concepts belong to the best ones in the world. Featured are the retail designs for Jägermeister, the Löwentor Shop at Zoo Berlin, and Mister Spex created by the dan pearlman Markenarchitektur. Furthermore, our CEO and founder Nicole Srock.Stanley was invited to contribute one out of three editorials to the new edition. As an expert for destination development and profiling as well as for the future of the retail business she shares her vision of the retail future in the article „BRING THE EXPERIENCE ON“.

The publishing house avedition GmbH, publishers for architecture and design, was founded in 1992 in Ludwigsburg. Strategically, the publishers specialize in interdisciplinary areas of design such as interior and exhibition architecture, scenography as well as product and communication design.

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