Jägermeister Shop-in-Shop Concept

The new Jägermeister “Club 56” at Frankfurt Airport designed by dan pearlman stages the traditional brand with new materials and colors to create an innovative shopping destination. Reminding of the world-famous Berlin club scene, the main focus is on the bar. Speakers with club-sounds and infinity mirrors underline the club atmosphere. Dark, rough materials complement this impression and create a mysterious mood. The bar is tiled in Jägermeister green. For this purpose, the Golem ceramic tile factory supplied elaborately designed green tiles with a raised logo relief. The core element of the bar is a specially designed elixir machine that cools the liqueur down to the optimum drinking temperature of -18 ° C. This makes the tasting on site an authentic pleasure. And what would be Jägermeister without the famous stag? It was reinterpreted and prominently placed in the area. Sculpture Berlin designed the golden stag out of over 400 metal rods that are modern and filigree at the same time. In the implementation of the concept the stand builders and airport professionals from Cube Projects supported us. The Shop-in-Shop format is, of course, convertible and can be flexibly adapted for different promotional themes. Jägemeister’s new Shop-in-Shop concept at Frankfurt Airport is a real highlight and provides a whole new shopping experience. There is definitely no way around this manifestation of a German culinary culture.