Zoo Berlin Store concept Löwentor

Before leaving Zoo Berlin, the visitors are routed through an amazing colorful world. The zoo shop at the Löwentor entrance takes the visitors on a flying visit through the African continent before returning into Berlin’s big city jungle. The modern interpretation of African traditions, colors and patterns create an authentic atmosphere. Stylized African trees, hand-painted clay walls and a modern African market square invite visitors to linger for a while. Whether typical African products or classic souvenirs, the selection is huge. The new zoo shop is part of the entrance at the Löwentor of Berlin Zoo designed by dan pearlman. By transferring the African ornamentation from the eternit facade into the interior, a creative relation between the inside and the outside has been created. The new entrance area and the Wild Republic Zoo Shop turn arriving and leaving Berlin’s Zoo into a unique experience. All in all, a holistic destination.