Store Book 2018 Publikation

Retail design trends – Store Book 2018

How to satisfy people’s need for communication and experience with retail offers? And how can retailers take advantage of the digitization’s economic opportunities? Today, it is no longer about offline vs. online: A narrow e-commerce strategy is barely successful. Whether you own a fashion boutique, a beauty shop or a concept store – as a retailer, you not only have to offer a selected and target group specific assortment, you also have to offer a unique experience to your customers. How important the retail design is to ensure this experience is demonstrated by the selection of groundbreaking shop fitting projects presented in the Store Book 2018.

The new publication shows the 44 best store designs of the international retail scene. We are pleased that two projects of the dan pearlman Group were selected by an expert advisory board, meaning that they belong to the exemplary store concepts of the current issue. Featured are the innovative designs for Storck and for MARC O’POLO developed by the dan pearlman brand architecture: The Storck Welt in Oberhausen and the concept store MARC O’POLO STRANDCASINO in Usedom.

About the Store Book
The Store Book is published by the German Shopfitting Association and Callwey and is considered an established reference work for the industry. The store concepts selected for the fifth edition cover all retail sectors – from food to fashion, from entertainment to travel. While the book focuses on German-speaking countries, the most important international projects are also presented in the Store Book 2018. Furthermore, interviews provide insights into current and important developments in the store design industry.

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