Storck Store concept

The idea for the brand space and store concept was developed by Storck’s brand managers, supported by the agency Pahnke from Hamburg. dan pearlman’s retail designers, then, were responsible for the implementation of the storeconcept for the first STORCK Welt in the shopping mall Centro Oberhausen. The intention behind the flagship store was to strengthen Storck as the umbrella brand by creating a unique brand space for adults and children alike, where the brand and the product portfolio can be experienced by everyone with a sweet tooth. In short, a destination for sweet sins. For each product, the designers developed a specially staged and back-lit product niche, which is framed by the central color of the respective treat in white, brown or a caramel tone. Moreover, the interior architecture in terms of design and appearance reflects the products’ characteristics. The sweets’ consistencies and their packagings’ haptic experience has been translated into specific materials able to bring the product experience into life. The customer explores the store and the single products within an intelligently conceptualized customer journey starting from the well-known products and ending at the store’s own kitchen surrounded by seasonal products for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and more. There certainly is no way around this inviting store. At the entrance, Storck’s mascot Dickie welcome the customers and as a foto point allows them to remember their visit at this sweet temptation. Moreover, a return is worthwhile: From the new year on , a real popcorn kitchen awaits the visitors. Here Popcorn is covered with Werthers Original’s liquid caramel and clients can personalize their own special merci pack. The project is nominated for the Store of the Year 2018.