Marc O’Polo Strandcasino Store Concept

Based on the brand’s corporate identity, a new visual world was created for the MARC O’POLO STRANDCASINO, which is reflected in all areas. The result: A new destination comprising casual fashion, lifestyle and a smart gastronomy concept on 1000m², spread over an outside and inside area. The modern, urban atmosphere serves as a passe-partout for what people wear on their skin and for the culinary delights they enjoy. The interior space of the MARC O’POLO STRANDCASINO is divided into three floors and comprises a total of 750m². The outside area with a surface of 300m² is designed as terraces spread over several levels. According to the store design, dan pearlman also designed parts of the new catering sector – the restaurants O’NE, O’ROOM by Tom Wickboldt, and O’DELI. To complete the concept, the store design team of MARC O’POLO led by Ann-Katrin Nehmert created the wine bar VINO’. MARC O’POLO approached its franchise partner Pier 14 and the managing directors of the group of companies – Jana and Gert Griehl and Stefan Richter – for the realization of the concept store. On behalf of Pier 14, Stefan Richter comments on the success of the MARC O’POLO STRANDCASINO: “Our expectations were far exceeded!” Pier 14 stands for fashion, lifestyle and cuisine on the Baltic coast. With more than 120 employees and 13 stores, the company provides its guests with an experience that is beyond shopping and dining. Konrad Knoblauch was responsible for the development and implementation of the shop construction. The lighting concept was developed by Elan.
The MARC O’POLO STRANDCASINO was awarded the prize Store of the Year 2018 and the MAPIC Award 2018 in the category BEST NEW RETAIL CONCEPT. The O´ROOM by Tom Wickboldt in the MARC O’POLO STRANDCASINO received a Michelin star in November 2017.