MIPIM 2018 News

Nicole Srock.Stanley at MIPIM 2018 in Cannes

How to cope with growth in city populations and offer housing, offices and leisure for all, while meeting the new expectations of these people in terms of services, mobility, infrastructure and sustainability? Nicole Srock.Stanley is an highly appreciated expert whenever the focus is on topics like Destination Development and Destination Profiling. The CEO and founder oft he dan pearlman Group will share her expertise speaking at MIPIM 2018, which will take place from March 13 to 16 in Cannes.

Established in 1990, MIPIM gathers the most influential international property players for 4 days of networking, learning and transaction. The 29th edition of MIPIM will focus on the central theme Mapping World Urbanity: By 2050, 60% of the world’s population will be urban-based, with a rising life expectancy. The expansion of urban areas is redrawing the world map, helping to reposition cities as economic powers. More than 360 experts and about 24,000 attendees will explore the future of urban living and how these changes will affect the strategies of the property industry at MIPIM 2018.

Nicole Srock.Stanley will take part in a panel on Thursday, March 15, discussing the subject City as a Service, the new urban Experience. Her co-speaker will be Linda Hepner, Mayor of the city of Surrey. The panel explores the question, what kind of services cities need in the future to remain attractive and competitive.

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