dan Social Work & Life

Currently, there are 120 employees with 60 children in the dan pearlman group. All of our female employees with children and 10 percent of our male employees have applied for parental leave. At the same time, we take the needs of our employees into account, who care for old or sick relatives or who are interested in flexible working time models for other private reasons. The possibility to work part-time, take sabbaticals or time off is generally available to all employees – in consultation with the management and teams. Employees of all ages and sexes should be able to better reconcile their personal life plans and interests, their own side projects, or social engagements with their job. This level of flexibility is our claim, precisely because our agency group depends on the project business, which requires the highest level of flexibility to meet customer expectations. For this reason, we also want to give maximum flexibility and freedom to our employees to shape their working and leisure time. Already in 2010, we developed a mission statement for the compatibility of work and family at dan pearlman, for which we were honored as the Most Family-friendly Company In Berlin. Up to today, we live by these principles that provide understanding, flexibility and support. Recently, a new guideline was developed, which is specifically geared towards the needs of expectant mothers and in which the rights of mothers-to-be, maternity and parental leave are explained. The exchange of information during pregnancy, during parental leave and, above all, for and after returning to our agency group is our highest priority. Moreover, further education trainings and coaching offers are supported, which prepare women for the assumption of management positions. Our credo: If you make women strong, you make families strong. All of these measures and activities developed by dan pearlman were not least driven by the personal needs of our CEO and founder Nicole Srock.Stanley, who is a mother of three herself: “From my point of view, family and work must always be compatible. If necessary, you have to make the seemingly impossible possible.”
In order to remain sensitive to the important issue of compatibility and to learn from best practice examples, dan pearlman is a member of the corporate network “Erfolgsfaktor Familie”, a joint initiative of the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs and the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce. The network is a platform for companies that are interested in and committed to a family-friendly personnel policy. It ensures a lively exchange among HR managers and a steady flow of information about compatibility. Family-friendly companies become more visible to the public while other companies get motivated to implement measures to ensure that their employees can better reconcile work and family.