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Working in an open-plan office stands for creativity, exchange and team culture. Those who want to work collaboratively have to get rid of individual offices. New Work without an open-plan office – simply unthinkable. Yet, undisputed, open-plan offices have their downsides. When we are finding ourselves frantically looking for a quiet spot for a phone call or Zoom conference, the shadow side of this office type becomes all too obvious. Simply being able to work without distraction turns into a challenge in itself.

An Office in an Office

The New Work Box is here to help. dan pearlman developed the mini office to complement the large, open-plan offices of the clients Sherpany and doctari. There, the New Work Box poses as a plug-in solution for undisturbed calls, zoom meetings and work sessions. Although they are only the size of a telephone booth, the New Work Boxes have everything you need for highly concentrated work – a bench, a folding table, all technical connections and the perfect lighting. Combined with a unique design and quality materials, the New Work Box turns into a holistic spatial experience. And of course, the acoustics are great as well. The field test proves: The New Work Boxes are the most stylish me-space in every open-plan office.

Mini-Home Office

But it doesn’t stop there! If you thought that the problem of peace and quiet is only a concern in open-plan offices, chances are that you quickly changed your mind while working from home during the pandemic. In between homeschooling and kids’ entertainment, it can be impossible to find a quiet spot in your own home. Especially parents know the all-too-familiar struggle of a phone call that gets interrupted by a tug at the sleeve and the question, what’s for lunch. Often, the own house still feels more like home than an office. Bottom line: When we long for a safe haven in our own home and wish we could shut the door on the chaos of everyday life, we really need it too – the mini-office-box for our own four walls. For many homeworkers, a fully functioning mini office would be a dream come true – including a guarantee for peace of mind.


Even when we will all be able to return to our open-plan offices soon, the mini-office box could still be a welcome break from everyday noise, an oasis to retreat to and a charging station for stressed city nerves. Whenever there is loud football on TV or the roommates’ favourite hits are playing in a loop through the apartment, we know where to go in order to escape the noise. If the ceiling height of your home allows it, a mini lounge could form a great addition on the roof of the New Work Box. Or install a guest loft bed or an indoor treehouse for the kids. In any case, there are no limits to the creative use of your new favourite place. One thing is certain: The New Work Box is a mini-me-space whose potential extends far beyond the context of the open-plan office. A well-deserved round of applause for the architects and designers of the dan pearlman project!

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