When designing and implementing the 300 square meter office space for Sherpany, all of the employees’ needs and personal preferences were taken into consideration. Flexible workstations, which can also be used as conference tables or workshop islands, form the core element of the office floor. The open concept is complemented by a total of three lockable phone boxes, which offer space for undisturbed phone calls and zoom meetings, while also posing as work caves for highly concentrated work. Inside, the deep blue fabric cover, a bench, a small table with perfect lighting and all necessary connections ensure a calm and pleasant work environment. A separate conference room and a comfortable lounge are also available for meetings that require a more private setting. The need for comfort during breaks and after day-to-day business was implemented within the separate kitchen, the dining area, as well as the lounge. Here, comfortable seating provides a place to retreat to and enjoy a short break.

The unique charm of the refurbished rooms is made up of an exciting mix between the preserved patina of the old building structure and modern design elements. The lovingly staged, old masonry as well as the nooks and corners of the old building give the space a special flair. The fitted furniture pieces specifically made for Sherpany add to this with their uncompromisingly modern style. The oak tables make all cables disappear and ensure an organised workspace. As the dominant wood, the oak continues in the classic parquet on the floor of the office area. The highlight of the New Work space, the three separate phone boxes, are also made of oak. Matt black steel and matt black ropes form modern design elements in contrast to the separating glass in front of the lounge and conference room. A highly concentrated, yet communicative atmosphere makes working at Sherpany in Berlin a real New Work experience.