Sartorius Brand Space

Covid-19 made us aware that the understanding for medical research and development is not a niche topic, but of great relevance for society as a whole. Currently Sartorius helps to develop tests and a vaccine for the corona virus. For employees the brand space provides a modern platform to experience the global developments, customer needs and solutions as well as the significance of the brand Sartorius for people and companies. Within the brand space, the employees have access to a unique brand experience, knowledge and solutions. In order to provide all employees – even those, who are not based in Göttingen – with this opportunity, additionally the concept focuses on the digital experience space. Via the app on the tablet or with VR-glasses, the brand space can be accessed by employees located all over the world. Over the course of three years, the vision and mission were developed, the brand identity was sharpened and the showroom was planned and built. All of this happened in collaboration with the board, brand management and the corporate communication. The holistic concept for the brand space was developed by a team lead by Thorsten Kadel and Prof. Marcus Fischer, containing strategists, designers and architects of the dan pearlman Group. Furthermore, dan pearlman Group partners contributed to success of the project: Interactive Scape and beamXR added to the interactive exhibits while artis engineering was responsible for the interior construction.