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Master Plan
Zoo Tbilisi

A reflection of the world in Georgia: The oldest zoo of Georgia is home in the country’s capital Tbilisi. To welcome even more species to the zoo and be able to integrate attractive leisure activities, the zoo has planned to grow in size. As part of the call for international bids, dan pearlman developed a concept for a complete redesign of the zoo under the direction of Kieran Stanley. We created a convincing masterplan, which portrays entire populations from ecosystems all around the world while still taking the climatic conditions of Georgia into account.


Master Planning
Destination Profiling


The masterplan is designed on an overall area of 230 hectare and includes a multi-seasonal mixed concept for the Tbilisi Zoo: Various geographic and vegetation zones are planned to become home for animals from six different continents. Additionally, an overall analysis created the base for our recommendation to enlarge the diversity of animals beyond the zoo’s wish list. To realize this concept, not only flora and fauna of the real living environments in Africa and Australia are integrated exemplary – also the attractions are a central part of the masterplan. This is how a reflection of the world is created in Georgia. Once visitors enter the zoo, they will dive into the heart of Tbilisi Zoo: A multi-seasonal center with attractions will guarantee for day-trips of the very special kind, including an aquarium, a tropical house and a green energy house that offers year-round access. Besides the core area a huge selection of themed worlds tempt to go on extensive discovery expeditions. When the day draws to an end, an integrated hospitality-concept makes sure that a one-day trip can turn into a short vacation by providing shops, restaurants and accommodations. Throughout the zoo, a targeted utilization concept directs visitors young and old to points of interest and activities. Rock climbing, pony riding, paragliding, and hiking as well as adventurous gondola trips and a connected transportation system to the city ensure the high entertainment value of the destination. To guarantee the identification of the Georgian’s with the zoo, the country’s history must not be missed. An architectural landmark fulfilling this sense of identity is represented by a Caucasian castle, which offers plenty of space for various events. In addition to the current concept, the masterplan also includes future enhancements to ensure persistence of interest in the zoo and create a long-term attraction. Those enhancements are designed to use the provided territory of the zoo at the best possible rate and plan to implement a unique habitat for animals and plants of the Canadian tundra and boreal forest.