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Make Berlin Your Home. And Register.

Berlin is growing every day. The capital of Germany attracts different people from all over the world. In 2016, more then 60,000 new „Berliner“ came to the city and another 100,000 are expected to settle down here until 2020. Especially young and creative people are drawn to the city: Karl works on his songwriting debut in his shared flat in Friedrichshain and Julia is opening a pop-up gallery in Mitte. José is working in the media industry in Neukölln and Jen scales her start-up in Kreuzberg. All these typical Berlin biographies have one thing in commen: Karl, Julia, José and Jen all live in Berlin and they came to stay. But officially, they are still registered in Stuttgart, Hamburg, Madrid or Boston... The campaign "Mach Berlin zu deiner Heimat. Melde dich an." is supposed to change that now. The concept, design and realization were made by the strategic creative agency dan pearlman, especially by the creative minds of spring • brand ideas.


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Regarding the fact that Berlin has way more inhabitants than official figures report, the campaign „Mach Berlin zu deiner Heimat. Melde dich an.“ (Make Berlin your home. And register.) asks all new Berliners to register here. Young people like college students are in special focus of the campaign since they make the majority of unregistered residents. The colorful typo-posters display a big contrast to the previous design of Berlin’s marketing campaigns, on purpose. The campaign speaks to its recipients in a humorous, sometimes rough tone and in a straightforward way – the typical „Berliner Schnauze“. Short headlines tell stories about young life in Berlin and address the readers with the subline „Mach Berlin zu deiner Heimat. Melde dich an.“ to officially become a Berliner. By integrating the URL meldedichan.berlin on the posters, people are directed to the city’s service portal. The goal of this campaign is to increase the number of official citizens and therefore receive higher budget funds that will benefit all the Berliners. Six different typo-posters are going to be displayed in an out-of-home campaign mostly around Berlin’s universities. The posters are extended by online banners, facebook and instagram ads. More actions regarding print, such as catposters and postcards are planned for February and March 2018. The campaign is a project by Berlin Partner in cooperation with the Berlin Office of Senate. The strategic creative agency dan pearlman Group was responsable for the concept, the design and the realization of the campaign. The creative minds of spring • brand ideas, which is part of the dan pearlman Group, worked on this project under the management of Marion Heine (founder & CCO) and Levent Akinci (founder & CEO). Texts and designs were created by Conrad Menzel (Senior Copywriter) and Sophie Schiewe (Art Director). Sophia Bütow (Account Manager) and Marco Otten (Account Manager) managed this project.