Events 2016 News

Trade fairs and congresses

This year dan pearlman participates once again in many different trade fairs and congresses all over the word. The speeches of our colleagues provide insights of current trends and developments as well as in the agency’s activities such as new projects and concepts.


29.01.2016 Retail Academy in Berlin
Guided tour and speech by Nicole Srock.Stanley about BIKINI BERLIN


13.04.2016 Handel digital der APA, Österreichische Presseagentur, in Linz
Speech by Tilman Dachselt

14.04.2016 World Retail Congress in Dubai
Nicole Srock.Stanley participates in panel with a talk about BIKINI BERLIN

20.04.2016 Dachmarkenforum in Düsseldorf
Speech by Nicole Srock.Stanley about BIKINI BERLIN


09.05.2016 Wirtschaftskonferenz Berlin-Breslau der IHK Berlin
Opening speech by Nicole Srock.Stanley

11.05.2016 Deutsches Shopping Center Forum in Bonn
Speech by Volker Katschinski and Jens Peter Klatt about Mister Spex‘ first Offline Store

25.05.2016 FH Aachen Ringvorlesung
Speech by Nicole Srock.Stanley about BIKINI BERLIN


16./17.06.2016 Fifteen Second Festival in Graz
Speech by Nicole Srock.Stanley about BIKINI BERLIN


5.07.2016 EXPLORING RETAIL in Köln
Speech by Volker Katschinski und Jens Peter Klatt about Mister Spex Storekonzept and speech by Nicole Srock.Stanley und Bojan Nicolic about Mein Hoffi


14.09.2016 EXPERIENCE JOURNEY  in the Lufthansa Brand Academy in Frankfurt Seeheim
Guided tour for Brand- and HR-Managers by Prof. Marcus Fischer, Thorsten Kadel und Karen Klessinger, organized by dan pearlman


05.10.2016 Smart Afternoon in Vienna
Panel with Nicole Srock.Stanley about new work environments


09.11.2016 FirstStoreAward in Berlin
Speech by Volker Katschinski about Shopping Experience

17.11.2016 Raumwelten in Ludwigsburg
Speech by Nicole Srock.Stanley about Mein Hoffi

25.11.2016 Remic in St. Petersburg
Speech by Nicole Gietz and Karen Klessinger about Workplace & Employee Experience