Topping out ceremony at Mühlendorf News

Progress at Tierpark Hellabrunn in Munich

“How did wild animals become pets? Why are many domestic breeds under threat of extinction? And why is it so important to save these species?“ According to zoo director Rasem Baban, visitors can explore these questions in the new Mühlendorf village. On Friday, January 26, the next milestone of the project was celebrated at Tierpark Hellabrunn: A topping out ceremony was held in the morning, attended by about 100 invited guests. Amongst them were Christine Strobl, deputy mayor and chairman of the zoo, Gabriele Nellissen, Head of Sponsorship and Event Management at Stadtsparkasse Munich, and CEO and Creative Director Kieran Stanley.

A lot has happened at Mühlendorf village since the groundbreaking ceremony in July 2017: The roof trusses of the village shop, the mill and the stables for Murnau-Werdenfels cattle, Shetland ponies, Bulgarian goats and other animals are completed and sections of the roof are tiled. With the completion of the roof trusses for the village shop, a mill on the Auer Mühlbach river and the stables for Murnau-Werdenfels cattle, Shetland ponies, Bulgarian goats and other animals, it was about time for the topping out ceremony. If the construction work continues at the same pace, the first section of the Mühlendorf village will be opened in the summer of 2018. The first construction phase of the Mühlendorf village does not only include the completion of buildings like the stables, but also of a mill with a fish hatchery, a beer garden, farm shop and cottage garden. The visitors of the Tierpark Hellabrunn can also look forward to see new species at the opening: Augsburger chickens, Bavarian landrace geese and kunekunes, a breed of domestic pig from New Zealand, will move into the Mühlendorf village.

The Mühlendorf village will cover an area of over 23,000 m² and will include buildings inspired by traditional Bavarian farmhouses. These will evoke a rural village ambience inhabited by endangered domestic animals. “With the Mühlendorf, Hellabrunn Zoo will break new ground by offering visitors a unique nature experience as well as an educational center”, said Rasem Baban. “The zoo school will be based here, inviting visitors to learn about biodiversity in the region through various educational formats.“ Kieran Stanley and dan pearlman are looking forward to the opening of the first part of the Mühlendorf village in summer 2018. Upon completion of the first section, construction will begin on the second part, which will feature the new zoo school as the centerpiece. The entire Mühlendorf village will open in the summer of 2019.