Working Environments PUBLICATION


working environments. spaces of productivity. This is the title of the latest publication by Deutscher Architekturverlag on exciting working environments. Included is the New Work office space for the Berlin company doctari. The project was designed and implemented by dan pearlman project GmbH.

“Our way of working is subject to constant transformation processes across all industries. From the challenges and opportunities of digitalization to the questions of sustainable production, administration, and office structures to strategies of healthcare and contemplation: the task of architecture is to translate influences on the world of work into space. At the same time, for many people, the workplace is the place where they spend the longest time, next to their own four walls. Accordingly, there is a great need for an environment that not only provides the necessary materials for carrying out professional activities, but also contributes to identification and well-being. Both are cornerstones for the success of a company. The book documents the further development of innovative and forward-looking working environments, which on the one hand meet the desire for concentration and optimization of work processes, but on the other hand also focus on the people who work there and set corresponding architectural and interior design standards and impulses,” writes the publisher about the publication, published in 2021.

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