Award Mister Spex wins German Brand Award

Mister Spex wins German Brand Award

At this year’s German Brand Awards ceremony on 9 June in Berlin, Europe’s leading digitally driven omnichannel optician Mister Spex won three awards. Mirko Caspar, Co-CEO of Mister Spex, commented: “Especially for us as an eyewear brand, building and managing a strong brand is essential, so winning multiple German Brand Awards is a great confirmation of our work.”

The teams at the dan pearlman Group are particularly pleased to receive the German Brand Award for the employer branding campaign “SEE YOU! at #teamspex”. Responsible for the campaign is the creative team of spring brand ideas GmbH, which was strategically supported by dan pearlman Markenarchitektur GmbH.

The employer branding campaign “SEE YOU! at #teamspex” received the German Brand Award in the category “Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation – Brand Communication – Dialogue & CRM”. The starting point and goal of the campaign was the question of how to reflect the team spirit of Germany’s most innovative omnichannel optician to the outside world and to inspire new employees. Teams from different company divisions were actively involved in the development of the campaign, in the form of surveys or even as models for the campaign motifs, for example. The campaign supported Mister Spex in its own expansion goals and addressed applicants from the areas of tech/IT and marketing, as well as opticians and sales advisors. It was distributed out on all social media channels, online, out-of-home and in the form of advertisements in selected trade magazines.

Maren Kroll, Chief of Human Resources Officer at Mister Spex, is particularly proud that the award-winning campaigns focus on the employees: “Our corporate culture and our Spexies are the cornerstone of our success. (…) And we have successfully conveyed this authentically to the outside world with the employer branding campaign at the same time.”

Founded in 2007, Mister Spex SE (together with its subsidiaries ‘Mister Spex’) is a multi-award-winning company that has become the leading digitally driven omnichannel optician in Europe. Mister Spex has been at the forefront of industry change, evolving from an online-only player to a successful omnichannel optician with more than 5 million customers, 10 online shops across Europe and brick-and-mortar retail outlets. As a digital native, technology and innovation have always been essential parts of the company’s development, from 2D to 3D digital tools for frame fitting to smart browse functionalities. The focus of Mister Spex is to make the eyewear shopping experience for customers simple, transparent and fun – in a combination of a comprehensive and diverse range of high-quality products with extensive optical expertise and advice from the customer service, own shops and an extensive partner network of opticians.