Mister Spex was founded in 2007 and has since evolved into Europe´s leading omnichannel optician, receiving numerous renowned awards for its convincing business model. Right from the start, Mister Spex has always been the main driver for the digital transformation that fundamentally changed the optics industry. The dan pearlman Group has been able to count Mister Spex among its customers for already more than five years. For this project, the dan pearlman Group teamed up with the creative team of the spring brand ideas GmbH and received strategic support from the dan pearlman Markenarchitektur GmbH. Together, they were responsible for the development of the employer brand, including the employer value proposition, as well as the strategic planning and implementation of this specific campaign. “Our goal is to present ourselves to the public exactly as we are,” says Maren Kroll, Chief Human Recourses Officer at Mister Spex. For that reason, the co-creative development process was an integral part of the campaign. “Our corporate culture is based on a total of five values – and our 360° feedback culture plays a big role in that. For this reason, we have largely included the employees in the development of the campaign. For example by collecting their feedback through surveys and incorporating it into the creation process,” says Kroll. Through these kind of procedures, the omnichannel optician was able to optimally reach the campaign’s goals; creating brand awareness as a strong employer brand and filling the recruiting pipeline with matching applicants. Already within the earlier developed retail store concept, one of the most important aspects was the seamless integration of all online and offline activities. The current campaign thus forms another important building block for the development of a holistic retail expansion strategy for the Berlin-based company.