Opening of Drill Forest at Hanover Adventure Zoo News

Environmental Enrichment for Animals and a Lasting Experience for Visitors

Since today visitors to Hanover Adventure Zoo can experience the immersive environment of Afi Mountain and the Drill Forest. Our design for the immersive environment is modelled after the Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary in Nigeria, established there to protect local primate species. The Afi Mountain project provides a thematic framework for the zoo, creating a link between the primates and their natural habitat as well as topics like nature conservation and species protection. The sheltered and accessible drill exhibit is part of an overall concept designed to fully immerse visitors in the world of drills. A rock tunnel leads through the area and also provides behavioural enrichment for the drills as a spot for climbing and sitting. Numerous side views and openings in the tunnel covering afford glimpses of the animals. Our architects and landscape architects created flows of driftwood throughout the landscape. Boundaries between people and animals were purposely designed to be unobtrusive and look natural.

“It’s great for our architectural office that we get to partner again with Hanover Adventure Zoo,” says CEO Kieran Stanley. “I fully believe that people only get involved on behalf of animal habitats if they feel passionate about nature conservation and species protection. It’s important to me and my team that our projects create a link to these themes. I’m delighted that we were able to contribute to this with the Drill Forest at Hannover Adventure Zoo and create a natural environment for the monkeys as well as a lasting experience for visitors.”