dan Social Our social commitment

Since 1981 ora Kinderhilfe international e.V. makes an effort to stand up fort he society’s youngest members. The christian child relief organization follows the motto „big future for little ones“ and provides children with daily meals, the possibility to visit schools and helps them to grow up healthy and in a save environment without neglect and abuse. Besides the emergency assistance and the aid for refugees, the organisation mainly offers sponsorships that have already helped thousands of kids in the past few years. Thanks to the school education and the vocational training many of them can now provide for their own offspring. The relief organisation is currently present in ten countries on four continents and provides development cooperation, aid for disaster victims and to refugees. Marion Hein, the creative director and founder of spring Brand Ideas GmbH and her Team support the ora Kinderhilfe.

BOS Deutschland is a non-profit nature and wildlife conservation organisation that aims for the protection of the last orang-utans and their habitat. To achieve their goals they focus on fundraising, public relations, project works and international cooperation. Since dan pearlman Erlebnisarchitektur GmbH is specialized in zoo architecture, our goal is not only to support the species protection ex situ but also in situ. That’s why we became sponsors for the female orang-utan Nita. Nita is ten years old and she first lived in the preservation center Nyaru Menteng in Borneo. Since november 2016, Nita and eleven other orang-utans live on 3,419 hectare big Salat island. The isolated island, with its intact forest, is the perfect preparation for the release into the wild.

The project SabahRhino was founded to safe the last sabah rhinos in Borneo and the lowland rainforest in which they are habited. Our donations are not based on money but on creative services that support the project with marketing, communication and fundraising. The project gets sponsored by the federal ministry of education and research and it is an alliance of creative minds, scientists, zoos, and service agencies. dan pearlman Markenarchitektur GmbH founded this venture together with the Rhino & Forest Fund, the Zoo Leipzig and the IZW Berlin.

Berliner Schulpate aims to introduce children from primary schools to future jobs to arouse curiosity, create role models and to further their talents. Since primary schools play a key role in the successfull integration of children into society, Berliner Schulpate especially focuses on these. Due to this important reason, the senate for education embedded the early vocational orientation into the curriculum beginning with the school year 2017/2018. To support the project Berliner Schulpate, dan pearlman offers school classes as well as college students the possibility to visit the agency at any time.