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Trade Fair Concept & Brand Vision

What kind of trade fair presence does an ambitious player in the solar industry need? How can a company's culture and the "good energy" of its employees be made tangible? For SENS IQONY SOLAR ENERGY SOLUTIONS, a trade fair concept and a new brand vision were created.


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Innovative energy solutions, international partnerships, and personal interactions – all of this can be experienced up close at INTERSOLAR, the most important trade fair in the solar energy industry. SENS IQONY SOLAR ENERGY SOLUTIONS, a globally active service provider for the development, construction, and maintenance of solar projects in open spaces and on rooftops, is captivating the audience at Intersolar 2023 with a brand presentation developed by dan pearlman, along with a stand design in the new look and feel of the brand and the “Good Energy” of SENS employees.

The starting point for the collaboration between dan pearlman and SENS was the briefing for an individual, unique trade fair booth concept that aligns with the brand. During the process, the B2B brand was examined more closely, and a differentiation strategy and unique selling points were identified.

Through several workshops, dan pearlman’s strategy team developed a clear image of the brand with its promise and unique character. They sharpened the brand identity through a co-creative process, with a particular focus on engaging with SENS employees and the leadership team. The new brand vision also served as the foundation for the development of the trade fair booth concept, which was the first communication platform where the revised brand was brought to life. The brand attributes of SENS – Performance, Creation, and Teamwork – and the brand’s purpose, “We create the future with 100% good energy,” played a central role in the trade fair booth.

Furthermore, the trade fair presence is a significant aspect of employer branding. SENS is growing in all areas and needs a brand image that has the power to support personnel growth in Sales, Controlling, Design/Electrical Engineering, Human Resources, Project Development, Operation & Maintenance, Accounting, Marketing, and Supply Chain.

At the heart of the two-story, modular trade fair booth is the round “Bar Solar,” accessible from all sides, inviting conversations. The upper and lower areas offer various seating niches for in-depth discussions. Sustainable and modern materials such as wood, plants, and powdered aluminum are used, symbolically connecting technology and nature in the concept. The color scheme retains the familiar SENS colors of dark blue, turquoise, and gray. The trade fair presence is an overall experience for the Good Energy of SENS IQONY SOLAR ENERGY SOLUTIONS and the SENSineers present at the event!