Kölner Zoo Südamerikahaus

The master plan of the Cologne Zoo provides for zoning according to continents. As part of the immersive South America-themed world ‘Jagwar’, the tropical house will be one of the first projects to be implemented. Due to listed building requirements, the restoration and expansion of the old building represents a major challenge. Not only will the dilapidated roofs and ceilings be renewed, an ETFE-foil roof will supply the central hall with daylight. In addition, temperature controlled walls are also planned as a thermal moisture barrier. The addition of a veranda based on historic designs restores the building’s former outline and a renovated façade makes it shine. So that the lush greenery takes root inside, the floor in the main hall will be removed down to the basement and plant substrate will be deposited onto the lower floor slab. To ensure optimum operation, the caretaker zones will be housed in the rear of the building and the technical building systems in the basement.