Sennheiser Flagship Store

Next to the latest products, which all customers can try out for themselves, the Ultimate Sound Room is a special highlight showcasing the best headphones in the world. Even the product presentation is captivating about this unique luxurious experience. By entering a code on a PIN pad, customers gain access to a soundproof room, welcoming them to experience the ultimate in sound. The route of discovery through the interactive store begins with a view of a centrally placed console featuring Sennheiser’s world of products and the key visual element: a sound wave graphic on the wall adapted to the spatial architecture of the store. The centre console reflects the brand’s perpetual enthusiasm for the new and is inscribed with founder Fritz Sennheiser’s words: “We were always unsatisfied with the current state of technology and wanted to create something new, better.” With the Sennheiser Flagship Store, dan pearlman created a holistic, interactive destination.