Rwandan Daughters Photography Book

25 years have passed since members of the Hutu-majority killed 75% of the Tutsi-minority in Rwanda in 1994. In about 100 days, approximately 800.000-1.000.000 people lost their lives, estimates suggest 250.000-500.000 rape victims. 25 years later, 64% of the delegates in the Chamber of Deputies are women. The same applies to 40% of the ministerial positions as well as half of the judges of the supreme court. But while women hold executive positions at the airline Air Rwanda, the bank of Kagali – the country’s biggest bank – and the Foreign Office, rape victims and their children grow up in a traumatized country, in a society that views them as the “children of murderers” – instead of victims. Today, especially the daughters of the rape victims are the ones who protect their traumatized mothers and fight the stigma with unparalleled courage and boundless confidence. Alongside pictures, the volume of photographs contains various essays and short statements from the portrayed women where they talk about the way they cope with their experiences.
Rwandan Daughters is dedicated to the future of these mothers’ children and calls for their support. An exhibition as well as other projects are in the works.

Book: Olaf Heine: Rwandan Daughters
Published: March 2019 Hatje Cantz
Text: Matthias Harder, Olaf Heine und Antje Stahl
Language: German/English
Format: 208 pages, 78 pictures, hardcover, 24,80 x 33,50
Price: 60,00 EUR, ISBN 978-3-7757-4547-5