Runners Point Corporate Design

The development of a new brand model that clearly highlights the company’s core competencies formed the basis of the cooperation between RUNNERS POINT and dan pearlman. Redesigning the logo was an essential part of the corporate design. Noticeably streamlined, it was integrated uniformly into the new design without losing its recognition value. A genuine graphic innovation are the so-called “energy zones”: visual elements that reflect the movement dynamics of running and define the new corporate design in a significant way. The new claim YOUR WAY OUR PASSION perfectly exemplifies RUNNERS POINT’s passion, its employees and customers. Training sessions organized and held by dan pearlman were also part the new corporate identity implementation. dan pearlman’s comprehensive portfolio of services for RUNNERS POINT also includes the layout and organization of the brand’s own customer magazine RUN2, a cross between magazine and catalog. In 2014 RUNNERS POINT received the Corporate Design Award.