Roca Fair Stand 2013

In the white, minimalist-designed product zone, the ‘Browse Your Bathroom’ theme presented new ideas for a variety of bathroom solutions. From bathtubs to fittings, ROCA’s portfolio of wares impressed and inspired visitors. But presenting sophisticated design and a range of bath solutions products wasn’t the only focus: emphasis was also placed here on managing responsibly the resource that defines this industry: water. The efforts of the We Are Water Foundation forms an important part of ROCA’s brand identity this year as well and highlights the importance of water and water conservation. Info texts and maps introduce the visitor to the work of the foundation and raise awareness for managing this limited resource responsibly. In the Media Plaza section it was all about showing one’s colours. Throughout the tradeshow the loud colours caused quite a sensation. Here multimedia presentations welcomed visitors and provided them with their first highlight upon entering the stand. The fair stand won in 2013 the Iconic Award and was honoured with a Special Mention of the German Design Award in 2015.