Berlin Zoo Rhinoceros Pagoda

In the year of its 175thanniversary, the Berlin Zoo presents a monument to species protection. The pagoda offers the optimum space to inform visitors about wildlife conservation. As a landmark of endangered species, the pagoda is part of the rhinoceros exhibition house which is accessible for visitors. Due to the special architecture of the planned building, future visitors will find themselves amid animals. Here, they can take a glimpse into the rhinoceros exercise pens and watch them wallow in the mud, under the rhinoceros shower or on the training wall. The planned water basin, which allows visitors to see the underwater world of the animals, turns the rhinoceros enclosure into an extraordinary leisure destination. In the interior area, the rhinoceros and warty pigs will inhabit an enclosure with natural flooring. The tapirs will be housed in an adjoined enclosure for the animals to be close together. Furthermore, the entire interior of the rotunda will be covered by an EFTE foil roof, which is UV-permeable. In this way, the animals that like the warmth will encounter generous free-range areas with enough daylight. The pagoda will be surrounded by pristinely designed outdoor areas. High grass and idyllic streams in the shade of the zoo trees are designed to recreate the marshy habitat of the animals. Simultaneously, the area of the enclosure will be expanded. The visitors receive fascinating insights into the habitat through panoramic windows. In the interior areas as well as the outside areas, the animals are provided with a variety of behaviorally and environmentally enriching activities. These are built to foster their daily well-being. The mixed-species exhibit housing rhinoceros and warty pigs ensures further variations in activities. The impressive new construction will be built between the entrance Löwentor, the hippopotamus building and the petting zoo “Hans im Glück”. The first demolition works will take place as early as the end of 2019. Next year, the construction of the rhinoceros pagoda is going to start.