Bad Gastein Festival of art and culture PR & Communication

Visual communication includes the creation of project name and logo, the design for the website and social media presence as well as print material by way of brochures, posters, press and business cards. In the field of public relations, the performance of dan pearlman is to develop an overall campaign for communication and press relations and to communicate this to german and international press representatives from the fields of art, culture, business and tourism. The collaboration with artists, tourist associations and local partners is all part of the sustainable development and advancement of the festival and showcases dan pearlman´s wide-ranging portfolio. The design of the communication media is developed in close collaboration and creative exchange with the festival managers. The marketing team of dan pearlman additionally makes the realization of press events such as press conferences and the participation in trade fairs. 2019 marks the 10th anniversary of dan pearlman managing the press and communications activities for the festival. Over the years, strong communications with a distinctive yet fresh design was developed that strengthens Bad Gastein’s profile as destination for contemporary art and culture.