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Luxurious Living
„noble vie“

How do you transform a plot of land into a very special home? Transforming a piece of land into a truly special home involves expertise in quality and turnkey planning and construction, particularly in the creation of exceptional residential houses.


General Planning
Architektur LP 1-4


With the exceptionally high standard of quality in mind, the builders and the architects went to inspect potential plots and properties for the building project. Ultimately, the choice fell on the property in Steppach, which, in addition to its excellent location in the greater Munich area, convinced with its attractive hillside location. The sloping of the plot allowed for a lot of creative and architectural freedom throughout the implementation of the project. After selecting the plot, dan pearlman project worked out the final proposal for the three residential units, which were placed on the property in a split-level manner to make the best possible use of the available space. In order to avoid a classic terrace house character, the architects planned the units as three separate residential homes, each with its own garden and parking space. Unlike the case with “classic” property development projects, BAERTIG BAUTRAEGER GmbH’s goal is the creation of luxurious and extraordinary homes that meet above-average quality demands and offer a high living standard with attention to detail. The focus on exclusivity also formed an important guideline for the external and internal appearance of the “noble vie” project. When selecting the materials for the interior design, the dan pearlman project team paid special attention to uniqueness, quality and sustainability. Renewable raw materials, such as the oak used in the flooring, also match the project’s sustainability requirements, as does the well-thought-out insulation of the property. In order to use the thermal energy in each unit as efficiently as possible, innovative technologies were directly integrated into each home. For example, the windows are equipped with control panels that are sensitive to heat and cold and thus enable perfect insulation at any time of year. Solar modules, which are integrated into the roofs of the respective properties, feed energy into the electricity and heat balance of the 214 m² large, exclusive residential units. With “noble vie”, the dan pearlman project has once again proven that the high-quality planning and construction of turnkey ready, exceptional housing is high in demand.


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