Kempten Destination Development

Kempten ranks among the oldest cities in Germany. With its 62,000 inhabitants the “metropolis of the Allgäu” represents a destination of historical heritage. The motto “Progress based on tradition” was developed from the city’s history and also acts as the base for the entire place making/branding concept. The new values of the district Mühlbach, quality, tradition and innovation recur in all means of communication from the campaign to the accompanying events. The graphic elements derived tell the story of the town. The circle symbolizes the mill wheel and the colour blends the completeness. Even the different blue tones of the water are inspired by Mühlbach. Together with the corporate design Dan Pearlman designed appropriate marketing measures that accompanied the six-month construction phase. To make the citizens and visitors of Kempten participate in the transformation of the district actively, regularly events and activities took place.