Tierpark Hellabrunn München Mühlendorf

At the heart of the Mühlendorf at Tierpark Hellabrunn is the preservation of ecologic diversity. This central goal comes alive in different educative elements and stations. Right on the Auer mill stream with its water wheel, the fish hatching house is located. Here, visitors can get an insight in an “in-situ” – protection project which is placed in the natural habitat of endangered fish species. Close to the fish hatching house, the stalls for numerous sorts of pets are located. These pets include the New Zealand pig Kunekune, the Murnau-Werdenfelser cattle, Shetland ponies, Hungarian danubian goose and many more. Curious visitors can dive into different development processes and see how an egg becomes a chick or learn which part humans play in the handling of natural resources. In a playful way, the Mühlendorf portrays how every one can contribute to the preservation of global biodiversity. “After almost one year of construction time, the area of the former children zoo turned into a real hotspot of biodiversity which is really impressive. I am very curious about how visitors will react to the new park area”, says  Rasam Baban, director of the zoo. With the wooden buildings, the rustic decoration and the village well, a cozy ambience is created that really reflects the character of the pre-alpine region. A village store and a beer garden complete the all-round experience in the Mühlendorf and invite the visitors to stay and relax. The Mühlendorf became a true destination that focusses on biodiversity, playfully includes didactic elements, and creates a leisure experience for the whole family. At the opening of the Mühlendorf in Munich, Kieran Stanley, founder and creative director of dan pearlman experience architecture, says: “We are where happy that we, by realizing our concept, transferred the important topic of biodiversity in a story and in built reality. The project stands out by its familial look, its authenticity and the didactic red thread which can be recognized everywhere in the Mühlendorf. I am thrilled about what a great destination to explore is already realized with the first construction phase.”

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Photos: Copyright Hellabrunn/ Joerg Koch & Marc Müller


Client: Münchner Tierpark Hellabrunn
Project: Mühlendorf
Services: Architecture and Landscape Architecture (work stages 1-5 HOAI)
Planning time: 2015 – 2017
Construction period: 07/2017 – 07/2018
Opening: 27. July 2018
Overall planning area: 8.550 m2
Building foot print: 1.082 m2
Gross volume: 5.826 m3
Construction costs: ca. 7 Mio. Euro