miafamilia Health Concept

The health concept designed for miafamilia is not only aesthetically pleasing but also contributes greatly to the therapeutic purposes of the practice and creates a relaxed environment free of anxiety. As the guiding theme, twelve different “Familiacons” draw through the practice. They are meant to help young patients acknowledge their feelings, talk about them and be receptive to the family-oriented therapy. From the naming to the corporate design and implementation of the interior design concept, dan pearlman accompanied the entire redesign of the practice that is located in the former Café Warschau. All age groups have responded very positively to the redesign. Very popular among the patients from three to nineteen year are the “Familiacon buttons” which they take home with them following therapy. In addition to the Littenheid Private Clinic and the KEH Berlin, miafamilia is the third project where dan pearlman demonstrates that interior design can contribute greatly to creating the proper environment for psychiatric and psychological therapy.