Mercedes-Benz Brand Space

In the Mercedes-Benz Brand Space, employees learn about the many different facets that go into a strong brand, and the importance of cultivating one. Strong brands possess a powerful sensory appeal, and so they evoke intense emotions. Through the combination and composition of sounds, smells and surface materials, together with a wide range of visual media, training participants experience that power with all their senses, in concentrated form. They gain an appreciation of the brand’s strong foundation, as well as historical connections that even Mercedes-Benz connoisseurs will be surprised to learn. At the heart of it all is an interactive “Future Table” which, in combination with a large LED wall, opens up a wealth of in-depth knowledge, providing enlightening insights into the future positioning and relevance of a brand that operates in the context of mobility and social transformation. By questioning, investigating and discussing, participants internalize these topics so that they can then act as brand ambassadors, representing the brand internally and externally and reflecting it in their day-to-day activities. More than 30 departments and divisions of Daimler AG provided spectacular content for the Brand Space and helped turn it into a reality. The result is a brand training facility where fascination is generated not just by the company’s visionary architectural and design language, but also – and most importantly – by the ongoing storyline created by coordinated brand content. Many thanks go to the dan pearlman Strategy, Design & Experience and Coordination teams working under the direction of Prof. Marcus Fischer, Thorsten Kadel and Nicole Gietz.