Thorsten Kadel EXPERT

„Today branding is not solely about brands and revenues but about experiences and relationships between people“

Thorsten Kadel, born in 1974, has started working for dan pearlman Group 15 years ago. Within the agency group he is Senior Strategic Director and a Member of the executive board of the Berlin-based creative agency dan pearlman Brand Architecture with around 100 international and interdisciplinary employees, which was founded in 1999. He holds a degree in Societal and Economical Communication and studied in Berlin and Sydney. Being an expert for brand strategy, brand communication and internal branding, Thorsten Kadel helps brands to achieve long-lasting success. His strategic expertise is reflected in groundbreaking concepts for clients such as Lufthansa, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Mini and Daimler. His work has been awarded with several awards e.g. the German Design Aeard, the iF Award, the Adam / Eva Award or the ReBrand 100 Award.