Lumas Gallery Concept

The LUMAS gallery was divided into living room, kitchen and gallery areas in order to create a pleasant, personal ambience and also present the prints in an authentic and aesthetically appealing manner. The choice of furniture and materials used accentuate this personalized atmosphere and the feeling of being transported directly into the private realm of an art lover. Inviting and individual, this destination’s new concept is also bolstered by LUMAS gallery owners, who see themselves as hosts. On the part of dan pearlman, Christian Gutenberger, in the role of architect and carpenter, Volker Katschinski, as creative director, and Angie Ziehmann, as performance designer and architect, developed the overall concept. The furniture was developed in close consultation with both LUMAS founders, Stefanie Harig and Marc Ullrich, whose own enthusiasm for the art of photography provided the impetus for the LUMAS idea. In 2016 the Handelsverband Deutschland e.V. (HDE) nominated the Lumas Gallery Concept as “Store of the year”.