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How does a shopping mall define itself not only through the strength of individual brands but also through the design and entertainment value of the center itself? How does LOOP5 transition from a "House of Brands" to a "Branded House" with a comprehensive retailtainment approach?


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Revitalisierung Shopping Mall


The holistic retailtainment concept for the revitalization of the four center levels in LOOP5 provides for a total of five experience areas, the so-called loops. Each experience loop tells its own story and follows a special narrative. In keeping with its orientation as a center with a clear family focus, LOOP5 will in future internalize the rules of the leisure industry and constantly amaze its guests. Indeed, here an exciting attraction is always in sight or waiting around the next corner. A mix of experiences for all age groups guarantees variety and creates a fun factor that has never been seen before in German shopping centers. For example, a “lemonade fountain” or a “cupcake carousel” attract visitors young and old with their bright colors. The mall also has a variety of attractions for adrenaline enthusiasts: In the “Sky Park”, visitors can put their climbing skills to the test and climb the entire area between levels 1 and 2. The “Freefall Tower” provides an adrenaline kick and transports brave visitors in free fall from level 2 to the basement. In the “Zip Coaster”, every guest can float through the air on a rail system and experience thrills and completely new perspectives. The “Infinity Playground” with four slides connects the first floor with the ground floor and is also an attraction for everyone. After so much action and adventure, culinary pleasure should not be neglected either. In LOOP5, a new Food Court with a spacious, leafy outdoor terrace awaits its hungry guests.

The connection between the analogue and digital worlds can also be experienced in LOOP5: the “Walk of Fun” is the gateway to the digital world. Here, interesting Instagram and TikTok spots as well as augmented and virtual reality experiences can be discovered. In addition, the center is also getting five new (virtual) residents. The so-called “Loopies” will be lovable mascots that can be experienced by all visitors via a VR application and will also tell the story of the new Loop 5 digitally.
With the new concept, LOOP5 wants to reach the whole family from young to old. As the first port of call in the region, the center will stand for an extraordinary shopping experience. Through the various attractions, the connecting, strong storytelling, and the fresh, colorful design, LOOP5 achieves a unique leisure value, a high quality of stay and a strong identity. This creates a personal and endearing image that creates new distinctiveness in an intensely competitive environment. It is already clear that visitors will not only shop here but will go home with many unforgettable memories.