Games Capital Berlin Campaign

From now on, the website is the new home for both, the local games-industry, game developers, localising companies, publishers and VR organisations, and for research institutions, young professionals, and interested gamers. The website is structured into the two core sections of “Hub” and “Blog”. The Hub functions as a contemporary online tool where the hashtag #gamescapital – which was already established in a strategy in 2017 – is read-out. With that, all industry-relevant social media content is displayed centrally.  The Blog offers editorial content on a regular basis that gives exciting insights into the world of Berlin’s gaming industry. Here you can find guest posts, interviews, stakeholder statements, information graphics, and infotainment formats. The new brand appearance of “Games Capital” was conceptualised and implemented by dan pearlman and especially by the creative of spring brand ideas who previously developed the hastag strategy and who have been in charge of the social media budget since 2017.