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Flagship Store

Who goes shopping today in his spare time expects more than a simple shop showing its portfolio of products. We want to know the brand and products, get in contact with them, and feel how relevant are they for us. We want to feel comfortable and have the sense that we are using our time in buying the right product. In short, We want to experience and live the brand and its products. For the online printer company Flyeralarm, we have created a spatial response to this need, and for the new flagship print store in the Dorotheenstraße in Berlin-Mitte dan pearlman project under the leadership of Marc Eisenbach designed an innovative customer journey, which staged the new requirements for retail premises according to their product portfolio.


Retail Design
Rollout Planning
Architektur LP 1-4


The question at the beginning of the developing process for the flagshipstore for Flyeralarm was how to target group needs together with the core values and brand properties – quality, efficiency, speed and an optimum price / performance ratio – can be brought together spatially. What are the customers looking for at this destination? Which goals is Flyeralarm pursuing? How to make the brand and the entire product portfolio visible, understandable and relevant to the customers? dan pearlman Project, under the Lead of Marc Eisenbach, designed a customer journey which answers these questions and facilitates the customer orientation by using various stations through the store. A long counter as a service point welcomes the customers. Graphic workstation in the workspaces enables them to lend a hand even to create their own product itself. Enough space, well lit work stations provide materials to spread and views, so that the best result can be achieved individually. In case all workspaces are occupied or the customers are waiting for their product to be printed, they can have a seat and a drink in the comfortable lounge. The printing machine is prominently placed as the centerpiece of the store. Important design elements are paper leafs installed at the ceiling which.  The prominently placed folded “F” is part of the formal language and a perfect complement to the floating leaves. In the overall design, the corporate identity hab been transferred into a spatial concept. The result is a flagship store in the look and feel of Flyeralarm, which makes the product portfolio vividly and clearly tangible and provides a unique customer journey through the store.