Tierpark Berlin Entrance & Playgrounds

Also the new playgrounds we have designed should act as an adventure. The area by the former splash pool is a historical remnant of 1950s architecture and landscape architecture and is under monumental protection. We reinterpreted the original concept with a contemporary flair and reactivated the playground. Water jets set into the ground layer allow for a variety of water games, while a boat and a water-spouting buoy reinforce the Baltic Sea feeling. The play equipment in the sand zone play area have been retained and creatively integrated into the overall concept. For Fabelwald we have developed a unique kind of dramatic staging. The front yard of the researcher of mythical creatures Dr. Linde functions as the prelude. From here the journey leads to petrified trolls, a giant climbing net and into the forest of a violent madman. The redesign of the entrance and both playgrounds belong to a bundle of activities, which mark the first steps on the way toward realizing the strategic development plan. This master plan was jointly developed by us and Tierpark Berlin and presented last summer.