Grün Berlin Concept Spreepark Berlin

In 1969, the GDR’s only permanent fairground opened up directly next to the Plänterwald, Treptower Park and the Spree. Reactivated as a modern leisure park after reunification, the area has been overtaken by nature in the past fifteen years since the park’s closing, transforming it into an enchanted locale of lawless nature and leisure park artefacts. Slumbering dinos, lingering swans and a giant wheel that rotates as if moved by the hand of a ghost all contribute to the area’s mythical status.
Our objective was to showcase the destination as a fully elaborated, total work of art, bringing it alive for visitors. In our view, the most appropriate means for achieving this are contemporary art forms such as immersive art, land art or site-specific art, which foreground the viewers’ experience, enabling them to become part of the artwork. A curated program and special events ensure the quality and process of the gradually evolving cultural park.
Our masterplan was realized in the context of the 2016 European tendering procedure and was awarded second place. It takes into account the fields of landscape architecture, scenography, art and cultural management, tourism development and architecture. We foresaw to develop the project in conjunction with the client in design-thinking workshops as well as a public participation procedure.