Denk mal an Freiheit capital campaign

Meanwhile, the capital city Berlin has established itself as an international brand in terms of an economically and scientifically booming location, as a metropolis of creativity and as “The city of Freedom”. Goals of the campaign were to highlight the overriding feeling of freedom among the city dwellers since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and to communicate it to a national and international audience. For this reason, the campaign project #FreiheitBerlin started in 2017 and creates the heart of the holisitc city campaign “be berlin”, initiated by Berlin Partner. Within the first months of the campaign, more than 9.000 people shared their personal confessions to freedom with the hashtag #FreiheitBerlin. To fill the white letters of the word “FREEDOM” with life, different artists came together and connected their ideas of and associations with freedom in a shared piece of art. Participating artists included The Dixons, Die Klebebande, Gogoplata, Akte&Cren, El Bocho, Notes of Berlin, Case Maclaim, Amigo and Uhlig&Orbit, The ideas for the design of the word BERLIN were handed in from street artists around the world. The Berliner Morgenpost was sponsoring the letter “B”, the city magazines tip and zitty were sponsoring the letter “I”. Furthermore, the lettering is part of the Berlin Mural Fest, presenting 80 new street art pieces and so called murals around the entire city from May 19th to 20th, 2018.