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The statement „Heavy Metal Berlin” is written above a dumbbell of speakers and perfectly visualizes the powerful sound of local matador Teufel, Europe’s biggest loudspeaker retailer. “Coffee to go 4.0 Berlin” shows a porcelain cup with automatic legs and symbolises the combination of 250-year-old craftsmanship with modern manufacturing methods at the Royal Porcelain-Manufactury Berlin. With the campaign #berlinproduziert (Berlin produces), the city as well as a selection of its partner companies are showing the unique diversity of the Berlin industry – from traditionally established companies to innovative start-ups. This local industry landscape is characterised by a one-of-a-kind combination of tradition, technology, progressiveness and creativity: It creates an outstanding hotbed for innovations and forms Berlin into one of the leading industrial locations in Germany. The conception and implementation of the campaign for our client Berlin Partner was created by the dan pearlman Group. In particular, the creatives at spring brand ideas developed the branded content, communications strategy and campaigning.


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The capital’s campaign #FreiheitBerlin by be-berlin has been running since 2010 with the industrial campaign being part of it. The new edition #berlinproduziert extends this industrial campaign by staging the special feeling of freedom that is lived in every corner of the city as the driving force of the industrial development. The approach of the campaign is typical for the Berlin lifestyle: Futuristic ideas and technological solutions are paving the way in a creative, innovative and different way. Those character traits of Berlin are also reflected in the creative implementation of the campaign that tributes to the relevance of free spirit as a driving force for economical innovations. 25 Berlin-based companies are represented in the unique artworks of the campaign. For each company, a central product is put in the bigger picture of the city what communicates both the values of a specific company and its role in shaping Berlin’s economy. The mechanics of the campaign headlines are inspired by the #FreiheitBerlin campaign, while short sublines are delivering fascinating facts about the partner companies. The combination of unusual artworks and interesting information about the companies are aimed to create a surprising effect. The colourful design of the campaign motives depicts the corporate colours of the participating companies and joins them under the roof #berlinproduziert. All companies together are forming a strong bond with the individual motives creating a gallery. The goal of the campaign #berlinproduziert is to sustainably position Berlin as a future-orientated location for economy and innovation, both attractively and innovatively appealing to the public –- in a national as well as an international context. Berlin citizens are addressed by the campaign with the aim to arise interest for the exciting economy of the city and to revitalise the pride for the capital city and its diverse industrial landscape. This industry is well-known all over the world for its companies and their inventions, as well as its “hidden champions” and innovative start-up scene. The colourful diversity should also reach out to grab the attention of young talents as well as entrepreneurs and investors. Last but not least, the campaign is dedicating an individual, handmade piece of art to every business partner to honour their work in Berlin. 

All motives can be found on the website www.be.berlin.