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In 2017, Berlin seems to be an international magnet. Berlin is a place of desire for people from all around the world. Everyone wants to go to Berlin, artists, young people, the big business players and of course the wild “start-upers”. And when talking about “my Berlin” even the most complaining, moaning and rough “real Berliners” get their heart warmed. In brief: Berlin is powerful. Berlin is Love. The Berliners are Berlin. With the initiative for freedom, which is a part of the capital marketing campaign “be Berlin”, dan pearlman, together with their colleagues from spring brand ideas, sent an important sign for freedom. Because it is this freedom Berlin offers in all aspects of life that makes the city as special as it is and it is reflected in Berlin’s extraordinary attitude towards freedom.


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Berlin is the capital of freedom. Everything is possible in Berlin. Based on this unique feeling, the beBerlin campaign, using the hashtag #FreiheitBerlin, sets a sign for freedom in both our minds and our hearts. beBerlin is the capital’s official marketing campaign and a regional, national and international channel to promote Berlin focusing on the city’s extraordinary diversity and its very special and authentic attitude towards life. This large-scale campaign, which was created by dan pearlman and spring brand ideas, is divided in different working phases. Within the kick off phase big posters with quotations about Berlin from well-known personalities, such as Rosa Luxemburg, Willy Brand or Berlin’s mayor Michael Müller were placed everywhere in the city. During a second and third phase, images about freedom have been created. These images are supposed to set a sign against physical and psychological walls on one hand, and to show the Berliner’s individual freedom on the other hand. Within those images all the relevant sectors such as business, science, sports, culture, and leisure are represented and get their own campaign motif with real protagonists from Berlin. The communication campaign extends across all channels. Posters around the city such as digital actions are included. On top of that, an extensive press work successfully places the project in print and online media.

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