Versicherungskammer Bayern Brand Campaign

The new brand campaign of the regional insurance companies has the goal of strengthening the image of both brands in the longterm, as well as  sharpening the brand values close, reliable and passionate. Together, the campaign elements make the respective regional identity more lively. The brand communication focuses on one key visual: the umbrella – a symbol of protection and security which accompanies the customers always and in every situation. The umbrella is inextricably linked to the brand and is employed in the respective CI-colors: In Bavaria and Palatinate, the color blue is used; in Berlin and Brandburg, red is the prevailing color. The strategic development process was accompanied by Prof. Dr. Tobias Langner and his team at the Bergische Universität Wuppertal. The new 360° campaign of the Versicherungskammer Bayern with the campaign claim “Weil Beschützen unsere Leidenschaft ist – Because protection is our passion” was launched in January. At the heart of it were two TV spots in which the blue umbrella was handed to customers of the Versicherungskammer Bayern. The blue umbrella accompanies and protects the customers of the insurance company during their little everyday life adventures. The films show the modern Bavarian attitude towards life, for example through Eisbach surfing in the Englischer Garten. The portrayed regionality creates proximity. Furthermore, the Bavarian attitude towards life becomes the basis of all other campaign content: Short standalones with a product focus, longer versions for the online use as well as banners for addressable TV are added to the TV spots. Radio spots, audio branding, print advertisements, a campaign landing page, a new facebook identity and sales material like brochures complete the campaign and turn it into a 360° brand experience which embeds the core message in the minds and hearts of the people in Bavaria and Palatinate. The campaign of the Feuersozietät Berlin Brandenburg was published in September 2018 with the claim “Wir sind da, wo Sie sich zu Hause fühlen (seit 300 Jahren und in Zukunft) – We are where you feel at home” demonstrates the effective combination of an emphasized regional brand identity with a key visual. The success of this campaign is measurable: The amount of consumers for whom the Feuersozietät Berlin Brandenburg is positioned in the relevant set has increased by 81 % (source: Kantar Added Value – Intensiverhebung 3. Tertia 2018). The campaign for the Versicherungskammer Bayern as well as the Feuersozietät Berlin Brandenburg was developed by the Berlin-based agency spring brand ideas under the creative direction of Marion Heine (manager creation), Dörte Nielsen (creative director) and Iken Keune (senior art director). Katrin Hermuth (etat director) supported and managed the project as lead consultant. The TV spots for the Versicherungskammer Bayern were directed by Frank Nesemann and produced by the Munich production company GAP Films. Additionally, photographer Ailine Liefeld created vibrant and authentic pictures. Voice over and radio spot were realized in the Studio Hastings Berlin with the brand speaker Florian Clyde. The photos for the Feuersozietät Berlin Brandenburg were also created by Ailine Liefeld. The Lunik GmbH was in charge of the production. The moving image was realized by Hendrik Thul.