New show stage at Tierpark Berlin News

We’ve reinvigorated the Kiekemal forest stage

For several days now European eagle-owls, turkey vultures, desert buzzards and a bald eagle have been flying over the former open-air stage demonstrating to Tierpark visitors just how easily they can learn. Newly opened at the end of September, we’ve reinvigorated the Waldbühne with new life as part of the initial phase of realising the zoo’s strategic development plan.

Concrete surfaces, low-rise barriers and walls made the spacious area situated in a forest clearing seem unappealing. What’s more, many elements were no longer up-to-date and were in need of renovation. The first steps to revive the stage were taken in 2015 for Tierpark’s 60th birthday: benches were furnished with new cushions and the area was planted with a lush array of vegetation. Since then, islands of grasses and flowers planted around the area in front of the show stage give the concrete surfaces a less intrusive and more natural appearance.

This summer the stage was connected thematically to the surrounding area. A wooden hut and a shed constructed in a stage-prop aesthetic, as well as additional elements such as tables, benches or stacked firewood, as well as a new entrance and exit gate, reinforce the feeling conveyed by the stage that it’s located in a forest inhabited by people. In addition, there’s a new aviary backstage for the birds of prey that are part of the falconry show.

The aerial show is open to visitors Tuesday to Sunday at 1:30 pm through 13 November. The stage and birds will be on winter break until the summer season begins in spring 2017.