New Löwentor at Zoo Berlin News

We are celebrating the opening of our new entrance building and shop

The Hardenbergplatz gained a new attraction: “The new entrance serves as a window to the Berlin Zoo,” says Kieran Stanley. “Our initial idea was to create a prelude to the Zoo that feels like an outing and gets visitors excited for their zoo experience at the start of the tour.”

It comes as no surprise then that the new Löwentor entrance on Hardenbergplatz serves as an interface between urban and natural worlds, a semi-public place and a welcoming gesture by Berlin Zoo to its visitors and the city. The structure’s cubic design recalls 1950s architecture, thereby establishing a link to the immediate surroundings and the history of City West. The pavilion-like entrance building we designed flanks an inviting semi-circular courtyard area perfect for lingering and provides an unobstructed view of the rhino enclosure and a glimpse of the landmarked rocky outcroppings favoured by ibex.

The new entrance layout integrates the needs of visitors and the zoo and its employees: nine new ticket windows, a service centre, sanitary facilities and a cart rental provide visitors a wide range of services and prevent long queues and waiting times. The spacious store is presented as an integral part of the zoo experience. With the façade design and a view of the rhino enclosure, the courtyard area conveys the feeling of Africa. The shop also takes the continent to heart. Continuing the African ornamentation of the Eternit façade inside, the shop establishes a design relationship between outside and inside. For shop owner and operator Wild Republic, dan pearlman Brand Architecture designed an exciting store concept that takes visitors on an exciting journey through diverse and colourful Africa.

More information on the new Löwentor and the shop are revealed in our press release!